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Capital Lighting’s experience in commercial Urban Living spaces can be found in the River & Rich Apartment Complex development in Columbus, Ohio. Energy efficient, decorative lighting can be found in both the interior and exterior of the space.

The exterior of the building showcases LED color changing up-lighting.  The parking garage exhibits decorative aluminum blades with color changing capabilities. String lighting can be found in the courtyard and pool area. Up-down lighting was used for the exterior paths.

The interior of the complex was designed with a range of light fixtures that provide adequate illumination while complimenting the overall design scheme.

Linear pendants & LED cylinders were installed in the game room. Warehouse shade style fixtures with guards can be found in the exercise room. LED puck lighting, island pendants, vanity lights, and LED track lighting is found throughout the units.

Capital Lighting was pleased to illuminate the Roy G Biv art gallery next to the River & Rich Complex. Track lighting highlights the works of art and exterior LED accent lighting was used for the exterior murals.

29 years of providing residential and commercial lighting establishes Capital Lighting as a leader in illuminating any environment. Our long standing relationships with our manufacturers enable us to provide our customers the best price with the most decorative choices.